Engine light help

Hi all, just been sat in stop start traffic for 5 hours (don’t ask!) and when it cleared booted the throttle and the engine light came on solid and on its own. Nursed it home and will stick a reader on it tomorrow morning but had no misfires, no limp mode or any signs of issues…. I won’t be able to get it to my guys for a week or so and I’m thinking… 02 sensors? Or cats? If this is the case is it ok to use? Thanks in advance

You’ll probably want to scan it immediately. If the CEL isn’t blinking, I think you can drive, but it’s probably not worth taking the risk if you don’t have to unless you’ve had the chance to scan it to confirm what the codes are first.

Six is right. IF the CEL isn’t blinking you’re not in terrible shape. The list of why the light came on are so numerous that it’s hard to say. But if you had to drive the car I wouldn’t let that stop you. Generally if there is something really wrong the car gives you enough signs where a CEL isn’t even needed to tell you there’s something wrong.

Thanks for the replies, scanned it and it showed an 02 sensor issue. Cleared the fault and took it on a 200 mile road trip and ran perfectly no issues and no further fault codes. Wondering if it was due to the stop start traffic and freezing weather? It’s going in next week for some other minor jobs but the 02 sensor is one of the easier ones so will get that one swooped as well

Which sensor was it? I have intermittent bank 4 mixture too lean and cat efficiency codes caused by a small exhaust leak behind the cat.

I also have a slight leak after the cat on one side as the milteck isn’t quite right

That’s the same code I get from Bank 4. If you have a leak, that’s more than likely the cause. You can drive just fine with it.

That’s the kind of thing you like to hear when owning a s6 :joy::joy::joy::joy: