Engine Stalls Coming to a Stop and Evap System Faults

So been having intermittent issues for the better part of a year now. Have had the HPFP’s replaced, injectors checked, carbon clean, evap system update done, battery checked and the MAP sensor replaced. It will stall coming to a stop and sometimes have a rough start but will then smooth out when the RPM’s drop on startup. I have noticed some weird surging when I have had cruise control set but I can just barely feel it most of the time, have had it jerk me back once like it was stalling out but didn’t give me any codes. It never gives any codes even doing a full scan when the stalls or the surges happen but will get codes on startup and shortly after driving. Usually it is fuel trim bank 1 and 2 giving rich codes and the Very Small Leak Detected for the Evap System.

I am sure it could use a new battery but it doesn’t seem to be an issue consistently enough for it to be the battery. HPFP’s are less than a year old. MAP Sensor just replaced in the last 60 days.

I have a few different fault logs saved if the relevant info might prove to be useful.

Fault logs would help. Might be the evap solenoid which is under the intake manifold. But let’s see all the codes thrown first.