Eurocode Sway Bars

Everywhere I look these bars are back ordered. Does anyone know of a set that’s available? I’m very much in need of a set very soon.

Go with GMG Racing sway bars. They’re hollow and will be a bit lighter than anything else that’s offered. H&R is also a very good option if you can find them in stock.

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I found an H&R front but no rear so I went with The 034 rear. Probably not optimal but they are both adjustable so I can dial it in. In time I’ll buy a matched set.

Definitely frustrating. Hopefully distribution will start to get straightened out and products will be back in stock again.

Run the 034 in the softest setting.

Avout a year ago, I was at a Eurocode shop talking to them about their away bars. At the time they had hollow bars. And of course they are not as durable as solid H&R bar. According to the Eurocode’s customer service dude, if I did crack one, he said that they stand behind their product and would “most likely” replace it. Sales talk?

Are their bars hollow too? Interesting for a lot of reasons I can’t get into publicly but let’s just say 034 now has a front/rear hollow bar set available. Don’t worry bout them cracking. Hollow bars are actually more stiff than solid bars but can be smaller in diameter (easier installation).

Unless there’s a manufacturing defect, hollow bars aren’t going to crack. They’ve been around a long time even on OEM installations for Porsche, Ferrari, etc… Heck, the R8 can be had with a hollow carbon fiber front sway bar these days.

I fully agree with Ape, for the weight Hollow bars are stiffer than a solid bar of the same weight although yes, the Hollow bar will have a larger diameter. Hollow bars have shown to be just as reliable as a solid bar. I’ve got one on one of my Porsche’s that has been track run and is 34yrs old.
Like with anything, you usually get what you pay for an quality from many companies can vary.

Thanks for information! The guy at Eurocode also stated the ride would be a bit stiffer and a pothole could cause a sway bar failure. But obviously avoiding them at all cost, anyway. Running them in them in softest setting is still a stiffer ride then stock? Also, I was looking at the GMG lowering springs. They claim a better then stock ride comfort. Any thoughts about those or installing both springs and anti sway bars?

Not sure where you live. But I’ve seen some huge potholes in N.Y. and if I lived there I’d probably leave my car stock if I was going to drive on those roads. Out west here are state transportation services don’t wait until the hole gets so deep that a wheel or suspension part gets damage. Never had GMG springs. I’ve got H&R springs on my S5 and H&R Coilovers on my RS5 and KWV3’s on my RS6. My S5 rides pretty well on the H&R springs but slightly stiffer and about 1.4" lower than stock. RS5 & RS6 are both stiffer than stock as well as being lower. By going to aftermarket springs I’d think you’re guaranteed to be stiffer than stock, some brands stiffer than others. Also by lowering the car you are cutting ground clearance and shock/strut travel which will make it more susceptible to damage.

Thanks for your input. I’m in Southern California and the roads are generally good. Also, I never really considered lowering the car. It’s tough enough just getting into my driveway and I’m not really planning on tracking it, either. But I do like canyon running, though. Just thought it interesting the GMG stated that their springs progressive, not like the linear stock springs. Sway bars seem like a fairly reasonable upgrade.

All of the big ones, H&R, 034, JHM, and GMG are progressive springs. The spring rate is something none of them list. H&E has 2 types, one lowers the car 1" and slightly softer than OEM, the other lowers about 1.3" and is stiffer than the first one. I personally think the GMG are overpriced. I’d go with one of the other three.

I hit up the tail a few times a year in my RS5 and the JHM springs give tons of confidence (plus solid sway bars, bushing inserts, ECS solid firewall bar, alu kreuz, and 285 tires) but the front and rear height have an inch of difference and it’s very noticeable. It bugs me enough so I will eventually replace them with coilovers.

Sway bars effectively increase your spring rate so yes, it’ll make your ride a bit more firm. Most sway bars are chromoly steel, they’ll bend before they snap and again, a hollow bar is actually stronger than a solid bar. Doesn’t seem like it would be on first thought but it’s true! Physics.

Physics yes Ape, but it’s us Engineers that designed and figured out the Torsional rigidity improvement of a pipe over a solid bar for the same or less weight :slight_smile:

Fair enough my friend! And duly noted. :slight_smile: