Finally fixed the shaking s6 v10

Hey guys after a long time of agony and hell I finally fixed the shake on my car by going with the process of elimination changing the injectors,coils, sparks and all that. I noticed shake wasn’t as bad as before after I changed those which left the final thing on the list.

The crank pulley that was on the car that was hit in my accident a bit ago(noticed oil directly under it a couple months after it and gradually got worse)

I changed that with the jhm one and the shake is completely gone. It’s super smooth now. I had a gut feeling about that for a long time and i was right. I only did other things since it was mileage and it was definitely going to go on it.

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That’s awesome… They are good units too. So win win… very impressive weight savings.

Glad to hear you got the car running well again. That was a very log journey

Yeah thank god now I can start restoring the original custom front bumper and grille