Finally...had to buy a truck

Enough reasons piled up to need a truck…something I’ve avoided in life until now.

Since most of the time I wasn’t going to be trailering, I stayed away from heavy duty, but wanted something optioned that

-can tow 10,000
-4wd with a passable off-road suspension
-can fit two dirt bikes in the back
-large crew cab
-didn’t break all the time or have a troublesome motor
-priced right

Picked this up as a starter truck as a trial to see if I want to get something nicer next year, or just keep it and use this when I have to.

Tundra crewmax 5.7, SR5, TRD and trailer package.

It’s comically massive in the back with my driving position.

Threw on a P3 brake controller and got a weight dist/sway control hitch, and a 5-ton dump to haul the bobcat around and leave on-site for dump/material instead of bins and delivery charges.

This is the bobcat, it’s a heavy pig at 7000+, puts me just under 5 tons on the road with the trailer.

So far I’m in just over $20K cdn on the road, not bad.

Will be nice to finally tow the car/bike/ktm to the track or trail in something decent as well…:slight_smile:

And of course I won’t be able to look at it long with those little wheels. So first order of business will be new bilstein 5100 that allow 2.5" leveling with a adjustable position snap ring collar up front, and 295/70/18s, probably nitto grapplers. Something like this:

Looks nice bud… Got to love the utility of a truck… Didn’t know those bobcats weighed that much…

How much ~tongue weight does your truck “see” with loaded trailer and weight distro applied? Max towing weight aside, it would seem like you are going to be over on payload…which is the biggest issue with 1/2 tonne pickups.

I keep tongue weight to 10%/1000 lbs or less using the weight distributing hitch. Basically I only want to see 2-3" or so drop on the back suspension when it’s loaded up. The trailer with the tandem axles doesn’t load up the tongue much anyway. Payload is 1500 on the truck I believe. I think the new aluminum F150s are well over 1 ton payload now.

Justifying a heavy duty truck and all the crap that goes with properly registering for the weight (logs, registration cost, annual safety)…basically makes it a nightmare. I only want enough truck for the most load I’ll carry…

what do you have a bobcat for?

We’ve had it for about six years, to save on renting one for building up north. It was mostly used as a snowplow and on loan for the last couple years, but since I’m building down here now, I figured I might as well use it again.

Between that and the dump trailer, we’re saving five grand a house. Picking up gravel and fill, using it as a waste bin, rough grading, backfilling, lifting lumber and steel up to the second floor once framing starts.

I only have the 74 inch bucket and the forklift, but it’s amazing how many attachments you can rent for one of these. At the very least, I’m likely renting a trencher and the auger for digging post holes at some point.

One year update, truck is flawless. Lifted it, put 2.5" shocks on, and 35s. I’m pretty much driving this 90% of the time now.

For towing, it’s ridiculously able. I can’t see the need for a heavy duty truck at all. I’ve pared the bobcat/dump trailer weight to legal limits (10,500 lbs), and towed with a 30’ car hauler, ive realized if you set up right (weight distribution bars).

The only thing that is sucks is the mileage - unloaded around 12 mpg is normal.

If it dies in the next couple years, I’m just going to pick up another Tundra and slap my suspension and wheels on.