Finally...had to buy a truck

Enough reasons piled up to need a truck…something I’ve avoided in life until now.

Since most of the time I wasn’t going to be trailering, I stayed away from heavy duty, but wanted something optioned that

-can tow 10,000
-4wd with a passable off-road suspension
-can fit two dirt bikes in the back
-large crew cab
-didn’t break all the time or have a troublesome motor
-priced right

Picked this up as a starter truck as a trial to see if I want to get something nicer next year, or just keep it and use this when I have to.

Tundra crewmax 5.7, SR5, TRD and trailer package.

It’s comically massive in the back with my driving position.

Threw on a P3 brake controller and got a weight dist/sway control hitch, and a 5-ton dump to haul the bobcat around and leave on-site for dump/material instead of bins and delivery charges.

This is the bobcat, it’s a heavy pig at 7000+, puts me just under 5 tons on the road with the trailer.

So far I’m in just over $20K cdn on the road, not bad.

Will be nice to finally tow the car/bike/ktm to the track or trail in something decent as well…:slight_smile: