This morning went to start the car and its running like S#!t !!! Check codes and received P0341 Camshaft position sensor A circuit range/performance (bank 1 or single sensor ). I’m hoping that its just the sensor but after looking at the wiring to bank 1 which i believe is near the coolant tank, some coolant from the resent flush has settled on the wiring which might be causing the issue. However i know that the sensors are OEM and have not been replaced.
My question would be should i replace the sensors due to age?
For sure going to check out the wiring and repair as needed.
Current mods :
~ K&N air filter
~Intake silencer delete
~JHM intake manifold spacer
~Heater hose bypass. (Throttle body )
~JHM lightweight crank pulley
Replacement parts :
~ TB and water pump kit (Blauparts.com)
~ ECStuning.com :
- 10k hid bulbs
- entire PVC system
- spark plugs
- ignition coils
- fuel regulator
- fuel filter
- a/c compressor
- all vacuum line (including check valve )
- thermostat and housing
- coolant reservoir tank /sensor

Bank is the passenger side.

I would clear the codes and see if it comes right back. If it does then disconnect the sensor and clear the codes again. See if your getting the same codes with it unplugged. That should help tell you the next steps to take. Report back and we can help if needed. Let us know what it ends up being. It’s possible coolant might have shorted it out but again bank 1 is the passenger side.

Ok bank 1 pass. Side got it. Cleared codes, got same result along with missfires per same side. Unplugged and scanned again. Same result same code.

Im also curious about the " cam wheel " (that locates cam position ) on the back of the head. Are they susceptible to faliure as well ?

The cam wheel should be on the front side of the motor as that’s what the timing belt rides on. The sensor pick up on the back side I don’t know how prone to failure that is. That might be a valve cover off inspection type of thing.

For now it appears to just be a sensor code.

Greatly appreciated sir. I’ll post what i find in the next day or so.

:-[ :-[ :-[ So after replacing the bank 1 cam censors, cleared codes and driving some more, the light CEL still exists. As far as driveability and lack of power well that still exists. At this point I will be checking power and and ground on both banks and hope that pinpoints the issue!
Anyone with similar issues and found solutions please keep me posted!!! thanks y’all.

You might want to pull off the bank 2 cam sensor and inspect that side and then remove the bank 1 and compare. There could actually be something wrong with the pick up.

Wiring checks out, sensors are good, are values are within spec.??? Question now is timing off ? Is there any way of checking timing without using cam lock tool and the tdc mark on the crank ? Maybe the belt slipped a tooth ? Any help would be fantastic !!!