This morning went to start the car and its running like S#!t !!! Check codes and received P0341 Camshaft position sensor A circuit range/performance (bank 1 or single sensor ). I’m hoping that its just the sensor but after looking at the wiring to bank 1 which i believe is near the coolant tank, some coolant from the resent flush has settled on the wiring which might be causing the issue. However i know that the sensors are OEM and have not been replaced.
My question would be should i replace the sensors due to age?
For sure going to check out the wiring and repair as needed.
Current mods :
~ K&N air filter
~Intake silencer delete
~JHM intake manifold spacer
~Heater hose bypass. (Throttle body )
~JHM lightweight crank pulley
Replacement parts :
~ TB and water pump kit (Blauparts.com)
~ ECStuning.com :
- 10k hid bulbs
- entire PVC system
- spark plugs
- ignition coils
- fuel regulator
- fuel filter
- a/c compressor
- all vacuum line (including check valve )
- thermostat and housing
- coolant reservoir tank /sensor