For people that own a b5 a4 single turbo. What 1/4 mile list pertains to them?

Would it be the a4 list, s4 list, or something different? And what/who decides? Thanks in advance for any info pertaining to this.

You would be on the big list. It’s for all Audis so it’s no matter.

Description for you would be ‘B5 A4 2.8T’ (or is it 2.7T?) and under ‘miscellaneous mods’ it will say ‘single turbo, custom manifold’ etc. and under ‘power adder’ it will say what turbo you have.

thank Q.

it does raise a good question that I often wonder people’s thoughts on

what defines the car…the chassis? the body? the powerplant?

If you swap a VR6 into a B5 S4, is it suddenly a Golf? no, it’s a B5 S4 with a VR6. If you swap a 2.7T into a B6 S4, is it suddenly a B5? Again not its a B6 with a 2.7T. If you take a B6 S4, and scam your insurer into replacing the body because you keyed the entire thing, and replace the panels in the process with B7 RS4 body, does that make your car an Rs4? No, it’s a B6 S4 with an RS4 widebody B7 RS4 swap driven by a scammer.

However when we’re talking about a quartermile dragrace list, isn’t the powerplant the most important part? Why are we defining the car by the chassis? And if you go and run 10.3 in your B5 A4 2.8 single turbo, will Mike Hood think it’s legit? Or will he cry foul?

Interesting dillemma.

I’d say chassis defines the car, afterall that’s where the vin is :)… any motor swaps should be listed under mods.
If I swap a 2.7t into my f-150 does it become an audi? lol.

there’s a VIN plate on the motor!

as for the ‘if I swap a 2.7t into my f-150 does it become an Audi?’ question, you should go into guruman’s build thread on the Audizine B5 S4 section and post that. Then report the thread as ‘wrong forum’ because his chassis is a B5 A4.