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Holy Fuck was that ever Fucking Bullshit. I can’t believe I was such a fan of his for so long. Dana’s gonna fire his ass tomorrow morning if he hasn’t already. The number of weaning UFC fans that just jumped ship after taking that in…very glad it cost me one beer at wild wing rather than a PPV buy.

Yeah… not sure about that fight… he goofed way to much… almost like big time wrestling… cost me $20 for a bet with my buddy… lol

I havent had a chance to watch the main card, the prelims were decent though. those edson barbosa leg kicks were savage.

*edit, just watched the fight, good for Weidman for not getting rattled by all the clowning. the ufc may have lost out on some big money, the luster of the gsp/jones vs silva superfights or belfort v silva 2 (would be big in brazil I bet) aren’t quite the same. silva is lucky herb dean got in there as quickly as he could, it looked like Weidman was gonna punch his head through the canvas.

Lol I got stuck with the full PPV buy. What a joke - silva didn’t seem to take that fight seriously at all. And he rightly got his ass kicked because of it. The cynical side of me says that all of this is a setup for the rematch.

I think this might be a way to make Silva exciting to watch again. He has blown threw so mamy guys I dont think he even intended on winning.

Silva has been doing this for 3 years. Almost like he was sick of the spotlight.

I just watched the knockout. He was trying to do his matrix thing dodging punches by leaning back and got nicked.

In the rematch he will dominate. Bets?

good breakdown on the knockout

I watched two fights - the Edgar/Olivera and the Silva/Weidman.

The former - now that was a fight. Two guys both working their hardest, employing their best talents and strategies, trying their hardest to WIN THE FIGHT.

The latter bore no resemblence to the former whatsoever, nor did it bear any resemblence to an MMA fight whatsoever either. It’s really tough to consider “Weidman won the fight” when Anderson didn’t give the slightest fuck about employing a strategy that maximized his chances of winning.

Who knows what would have happened if he had done that. Perhaps Weidman would have still won. I hope for Weidman’s sake that he defends the belt a couple of times to legitimize the win. If as Saki says there’s an immediate rematch and Silva steamrolls Weidman that’ll reduce Weidman’s win to “the fight that Silva fucked around in and decided to give away the belt”

I guess time will tell. I’m annoyed with the fact that 80% of the headlines read something to the effect of Weidman having accomplished the impossible when he did nothing of the sort. He KOd a guy who was fucking around. Whopee. Any middleweight in the division could have done it. I’m so fucking pissed about the whole thing. This is supposed to be fucking professional sports where you try your hardest every time and take nothing for granted.

The list of UFC I’d consider getting a PPV buy going used to be Jones Spider GSP nights. After Saturday it probably stands at “maybe Jones.”

If you watch the KO it was really weak. Makes me think Silva has a glass jaw. We can’t forget that he is old…and has like 40 pro fights under his JC Penney belt.

regarding the first part, his training partner/coach is matt serra afterall lol. on the 2nd part, silva has clowned on quite a few guys and none of them were able to catch him like that so i feel some credit is due to weidman for not overextending himself (griffin) and not being painfully predictable (bonnar).

he hasnt taken a lot of damage in those fights though, compared to say chuck liddell who went from stone to glass chin. what did it was that he leaned right into the punch due to that backhand whereas normally he rolls away from the strike. plus having all his weight leaned back meant even the slight hit was enough to knock him down. like dana white said though, if silva had won we’d be saying entirely different things about the clowning.


Chris Weidman: $48,000 (includes $24,000 win bonus) def. Anderson Silva: $600,000

more than they were giving Lesnar and Liddell ($500,000 flat fee) and Spider missed a 200k win bonus


and even that is a pitance compared to top drawing boxers (mayweather is estimated to be looking at $50 million for the canelo fight).

Weidman had previously turned down a new contract, he basically gambled his future earnings on the outcome of the title fight. plus he got a $50k ko of the night bonus.

some of the poor saps on the bottom of the card making $6k to show $6k to win

I’m still actually looking forward to Jones vs. Gustafsson.

Mainly because of when Gustafsson fought Shogun in December. Goldberg was paying him crazy, inaccurate respect during the fight, talking of how much he fights like Jones.

He’s tall and has a good reach measurement…and the similarity to Jones ends there.

To me he looks a lot more like a preppy boy who gets his drunk sister to blow him at frat parties.

yeah that fight was funny, Shogun is absurdly inconsistent.

Gustafsson is decent but Jones is gonna run right through him. It sounds like another ‘great white hope’ situation (except its non russian europeans lol).

I hope Jones sticks at LHW long enough that he has to fight Texiera and Mousasi (if he stays at 205), I think both of them would be a better fight.

Though I see Mousasi going to 185 and if he gets some motivation, doing big things. He already beat Jacare Souza and I think he’s technical enough to avoid the Belfort stampede.

in other news, asia is weird

Anderson took the easy way out. If He would have put up a fight Weidman would have made him look like
BJ Penn after the Diaz fight when he said he was leaving. Anderson Silva is working on 40 years old and
wants the easy way out. Watch the Munoz VS Weidman fight. Munoz got depressed and shot up to 293.
Now Munoz is back down to 185 and is hungry. Let Silva fight Munoz and the winner get 2nd fight with

wha? Shogun is the model of consistency. Gas early in the 2nd round. Done.

lol I used to love shogun and ninja in PRIDE

they were fucking axe murderers in their early 20s. Now they’re old, out of shape, and they just gas like mad every fight.

Still cool. Chute Boxe is the greatest team ever

Wanderlei Silva
Anderson Silva
Shogun Rua
Ninja Rua


pride was the best, gotta love massive steriod use accross the board lol (or horsemeat if youre alister overeem), makes for great entertainment.

anderson wasnt that great at the typical chute fare though, too gangly to just go out and windmill punches. the lion’s den had some good fighters too

typical chute boxe team fare was to smoke a guy, get him down, then kick him in the head


soccer kick was a term you heard regularly in pride when those boys were in the ring. Sakuraba ate a lot of them. So did Rampage.