Forum Character Limit

Hello, I would like to share my ACC retrofit thread here but Its a lengthy post and exceeds the 20000 character limit on the forum.

Is it possible to get the limit raised to allow the article to made in one post?



I would just do multiple posts. This site actually has a really high character limit when compared to others like Audizine. Just post like three or four times in a row to reserve the first few posts to have enough room.

Ya multiple posts is the way to go. Shoot me a PM if you have any issues.

Reserved posts wouldn’t work for me as I don’t have the ability to edit my posts so it would end up all fragmented.

welcome. You can edit posts at 150. Its not too hard to get up to that. Nice to have you good to see lots of interesting excitement from you and your posts.

The posts limits in case you were wondering are for faster loading. Some hand held devices and tablets can take much longer to load with the larger posts. Things load faster if there are several smaller posts then larger ones.

Happy to have you here excited to read more of your posts

Thanks for the welcome, I am happy to contribute where I can, its what makes forums great sources of info, just hope my post will help others along the way.