Found out why my Ac was dead lol

Hey guys what do you think of my ac compressor? Lmfao

Also that black piece that goes over is literally seized to that spindle and it has a bit of damage cause the clutch like exploded into it with a metal bit going into it.

Do you guys think I can transfer this to my new ac compressor with the damage but the damage doesn’t go all the way through it just went in a bit but no hole or anything or do I have to remove it

Is that just a rubber vibration dampening material? I’m no expert here, but probably worth replacing if you see physical damage.

On another note, were you able to remove the compressor with the engine still in the car?

Well I couldn’t remove that rubber piece so I left it and put it on my new compressor.
I removed the compressor while engine was still in the car.

I removed the front end and then removed the engine mount and engine mount bracket and all that from the side and I unscrewed the compressor and I twisted it out to remove it using the front end removed.

It took me 4 hours to change.

The manual saids you can remove it from the side without removing front end but you’d have to bend that aluminum coolant pipe upwards so you’d have to remove the super tight hose going into water pump and then get to screws on side of engine holding that pipe in place and bend it up.

I saw that as too much trouble so I removed the front end and twisted the compressor out which was hard but way better then removing it the other way.

Let me tell you it do be a bitch but so worth it

Also that rubber piece wasn’t a hole going directly to outside so I left it and I assume it’s fine . But that thing was seized into place I tried a wrench with a pipe and still didn’t come loose.

Anyways if you want pics of manual on how to remove the compressor just lmk

I have to pull AC compressor myself, as I think clutch bearing is shot. When your AC worked did you have slight RPM surge?

Yeah it did and you can hear it turning on it’s like a whine

It’s not whining for me yet. I hope it’s just clutch bearing and not internal AC compressor bearing. The sound I would say is like a very slight knock. I’m at least 100% sure it’s the compressor, could’ve been worse even if i have to replace it

Well if you have to mess with it I would change it. I found a compressor with 50k miles on eBay for $80 so that’s what I used in my car when I did it. Maybe you can find a decent one with low mileage

Thank you for the information! I have the manual, just wanted to see if that process was doable.

How were you able to tell that the issue was the ac compressor? Can you tell through vcds?

I did use vcds to see if the valve was coming on and it did but compressor didn’t come on and knowing my luck with Murphy law I went fuck it and changed it and it was that I mainly took a guess and with mileage on it.

But a year ago ac was working last summer and all suddenly stopped and the convenience module went into component protection and a couple weeks ago I finally got a programmer to get that off and tried the ac and it still wasn’t engaging so I just changed it and it was broken