Free 2007 S6 ( Please read carefully)


Vin:WAUGN94F67N150224 Lancaster, PA Text 717-286-861ate. Title should be here by Monday.

This is my personal Greek tragedy, a car ownership experience.

Loved this car to death, purchased from Manheim Auto Auction sight unseen 2019 @73k. I’m the second owner with clean title, 1 accident recorded, I spoke to the original owner, and it was rear ended with minor damage to the rear bump. Upgraded brake system, engine mounts, intake manifold, repairs, service, the list goes on… Upgraded to a heavenly exhaust system. The ultimate highway cruiser riding on 18" wheels and replaced control arms.

I refinanced the car to do an engine out service around 105k, torque converter, power steering pump, starter, seals, etc. Freshen up a used set of sport seats, tunes, carbon cleaning. I wanted to drive it for another 100k.

Get it inspected 10/21. Crankshaft breaks at 110k. A harsh blow. I’m already under water with the car with the major repair bill. Can stomach the thought of another motor AND motor refresh on a junk yard unit… In a moment of rage I decide to part the car. It was damaged goods to me. I wanted to have the entire car paint corrected and restored, and get a nice set of rims.

One year later, get it paid off within a week of this post. This is what’s left of the car. THE CAR IS FREE, WITHOUT THE SPORT SEATS SET! Everything else on the car in the picture is to be taken all together at once. Yes, I want it gone immediately. It will need a flat bed recovery tow truck, with a ton of straps and dollies (located 17538). Rear end has no brakes, but axel is there.You pay all title transfer fees & tax.

The car is very dismantled, no engine, interior, front end, trans. Inspected until 10/22. I think the car is a evil, but maybe someone out there can restore it in a rear end collisioned donor transplant. It should be burned/scraped IMO. It broke my heart. IF YOU DON’T SEE A PART ON THE CAR, ASSUME IT IS GONE. You would be a kind soul to help me take the steering wheel off to convert to a sim rig wheel in the future, but totally optional.

Car with Sport Seats, $1500.

Other parts for sale, Name your price:

Used engine mounts
Tuned Transmission with fresh flush
ECU (tuned), with programmed lock assembly and 2 programmed keys
Power Steering pump
Refurbished, new torque converter
Front Calipers
Full set of custom G4000 ADAMS ROTORS

Title in Hand

Still around

I’m slightly interested in taking her off your hands

Still available. You will need a recovery tow truck.

She’s gone!

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