From S4 to S3

Traded my 2010 S4 in for S3 today.

After all the DSG drama I had, it was time to go. Under plan they swapped both pc boards out. That worked for 20 000 km. As I went out plan the speed sensor started messing about in the gbox. Got that sorted. 10 days later i had a low speed shudder in 2nd gear. New clutch pack was fitted. 3 months later I can’t select Reverse, misses 2nd 4th and 6th gear. Error shows solenoid on Mechatronics is faulty. Car is now on 138 000km.

Thats when I decided enough was enough.

Got this today. Not as quick but I like the changes inside and out. B&O sound system is way better then the MMI setup in the S4. A couple of mods and it should be running close to my old fuel guzzler.

From my side, keep safe and I’ll pop in to watch the progress you guys are making. Cheers for now