Front lower control arm keeps ripping

I’m trying to finish up my front suspension refresh on my 08 s6 but I keep ripping the front lower control arm ball joint rubber when I install it. I bought a meyle kit originally but I had to remove the control arm to remove the steering knuckle to have the pinch bolt removed, I figured I ripped that one removing it, so I ordered a new one and just tried to install it and the new one did the same thing. Is there a trick or something that I’m missing? The driver side (left) went in with no issue (although on a new steering knuckle) but this is the second time on this and I’m stumped. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Well I figured out the issue, I started checking out my old control arms and it looks like that insert that is pressed into the steering knuckle got removed with the old arm. Is this something that can be replaced or do I need a new steering knuckle? I did a quick search for it but I can’t seem to find a part number or anything. If it can be replaced can it be done on the car or do I need to get it pressed in?

It has happened to mine also, it’s not supposed to…

Just take a torch to the sleeve and pop it off the controll arm. Then freeze it ant heat the knuckle and tap it in and bolt it down with a new nut

Thanks, I’ll give that a shot. I tried pulling it off with a puller but it was stuck on there pretty good, I’ll try hitting it with my torch for a bit to see if I can get it un-stuck

Its most likely gonna be very very very stuck, chances are heat and “manual” force isnt gonna be enough. Do you have any type of ball joint removal tool available? Either claw or scissor type should work nicely. Maybe a prybar could work combined with heat, if you are lucky

I’ve got a couple of pullers and a ball joint separator, I’ll try them with some heat to see if that works

I changed the two arms on the driver side today the straight arm came off with one tap the curved one in the back was so stuck I was there for an hour fighting with it using heat and everything I was about to grind the thing off and Before I did I remembered I had a particular ball joint separator I didn’t try and luckily it popped right off with it

Well now I have to do the other two tomorrow what a complete nightmare lol

Yes, use the kind from fcp euro that is wide enough to fit over the ball joint (rental tools are too small diameter)

Heat, torque down separator. Done

I changed them both and celebrated Well now I have to change the uppers lol

I managed to get it off the ball joint by heating it up, and used a two arm pully puller - laketahoequattro was right, none of my ball joint separators were large enough but the puller did the trick. Getting it back in was a bit tough but I just used an old bolt with washers and one of my old ball joint nuts on the bottom to line it up. Was quick with my impact. Just need to wait for my new lower control arm to come in and I can get everything back together (finally). Thanks for the help guys, and good luck with those uppers sprawwl

Happy you got those bastards out and it should all be simple from here lol

famous last words lol

Nice to hear you got it sorted! Here is what mine looked like. Nice right!

Hahaha I’ll let you know what happens when they come. It probably will be like that

I’m being hopeful :grin:

Good luck