FS: 2007 Audi S6 146k mi $4200

Prepping my S6 for sale right now. I’ve had it for 6 years. Bought it with 109k on it. I am the second owner. It drives and looks great. I think it only has one tiny ding on the whole car. Interior wise the drivers bolster is worn and the heat put a hairline crack across the carbon fiber dash insert on the passenger’s side. You only notice it if you are looking closely and the sun hits it just right. Fairly invisible. The start button of course is faded and the MMi knob has some rippling on the rubbercoat that i just noticed. I love the car. I’ve done all the work myself on it since I bought it. Newer Front control arms, HPFPs, Main FP, cv boots, new 7 and 10 injectors, new radiator, and two carbon cleans. Just finished the last carbon clean 200 miles ago. I must’ve had 8 or 9 audis by now, you can search my name on audiworld.com and see the history. It’s substantial and while the engine compartment on this has been modified a little to allow for quicker intake manifold service, I promise you the car is better off in my garage than the dealer’s.

Why am i selling? On that last carbon clean I noticed the intake manifold flaps were broken. Likely giving me my bank 1 too lean error code. I live in Las Vegas NV and while nuclear testing is evidently just fine, they won’t let you register a car with a CEL. I did the intake flap delete and the car really runs exceptionally strong but I don’t have much faith that I’m gonna be able to hit that sweet spot between the readiness monitors setting and the CEL not tripping.

A new manifold is 2 grand, while i love car, after 6 years, I’d rather put that money toward something new. I pick up a tdi a7 this Saturday.

What it needs:

To drive home, nothing, it runs, stops, shifts and will pass a safety inspection just probably not a smog. AC/Heat, bose, all that stuff works perfectly. Tires are in awesome shape.

To drive long term, it will need brakes. Maybe strut bearings/bushings it has a subtle clunk over large bot spots (those plastic lumps in the road) otherwise you never hear it or fell it. I have new OEM pads and OEM rotors for full asking price, I will include them, for another $400, I will mount them. the windshield washer reservoir leaks at the pump gasket, possibly the headlight washer hose is compromised as well, don’t know, again I live in Vegas, a good coat of rainx is enough for 364 days of the year. the wipers work fine.

The transmission shifts hard on 1-2 in drive but not in sport. I think it needs reset or it could be a sticky solenoid, not sure. I did replace the fluid with the appropriate spec Ravenol last summer. It doesn’t slip or double clunk into gear. You can mitigate it with smooth toe in.

The factory rims are near flawless, drivers front got bit at the car wash but that scratch is painted, they are powder coated metal flake red to match the S badging. I like it, it was a little too sleepy with silver rims imo, purists may dissagree, that’s fine. My 10 year son is a fan.

I’m looking to get $4200 it is a lot of car for that money and it’s got plenty of life left in it, the OEM brakes alone are like $700. Here’s a pic from a couple years ago but the car is in just as good of shape, actually the front grill has been replaced with the same S6 factory grill (the chrome was peeling).

clean title in hand. waugn94fx7n037585

The car is brilliant black with black interior. Please email me at ryan.e.slack at gmail if you are interested.

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Hello, do you still have this car for offer of sale? Please let me know. I am new here, joined at the request from Redmistracing.com I haven’t been here much or for long only since Sept / Oct right after I picked up my 2013 RS5. Forgive me if I am really late to this sale offer. I still have my 2002 A8L I bought in 2006, was in a legal battle for almost ten years and needs so much… But I have to have it gone through to find out if I will keep it as well. I own 7 cars at this time and I am always looking!


Carey J. Nuyen