FS: Audi S6 Goodies

Since totaling my S6, I’ve decided to move on to a very nice 2014 Audi RS5. So I’d like to put up several items that I think may be of interest:

  • Audi RS6 bumper (and components) $1500
  • Audi RS6 headlights w/ set of new lens & new bulbs $850
  • JHM S6 2.75in catback exhaust w/ JHM RS oval tips & original JHM S quad tips $2000
  • OEM Audi S6 C6.5 tail lights $200
  • Audi RS6 difusor (designed for S6/S-line) $75

I will only pay for shipping on the RS6 headlights. I’d prefer for the RS6 bumper to be picked up due to its size and rarity. It’s in excellent shape, originally purchased from V8A6 which was imported from Germany.

I also have some blacked out emblems too (V10, real carbon fiber rings, black S6 rear badge, S6 badge for RS grill). :slight_smile:

Hey, still have rs6 bumper?


I’ve sold it since posting that thread!

Still have the diffuser? Or have any pics of it or a PN?

Here you go!

So does that fit an 07 s6 sedan your sayin?

Says in the ad in ebay doesnt fit s6, assuming only because exhaust holes are too small to accommodate the quad exhaust?

When I did my research on the OEM diffusers, it turned out that the C6 and C6.5 diffusers we’re slightly different. You may need to find the S-line C6 version to work with yours. Btw how is your S6 these days?

Gotcha. I guess a rear diffuser is not really needed, just wanted it for a look, something a little more aggressive.

It’s good. It’s my 2ndary car now, got a '14 q7 sline. The s6 just got platinum interior installed. Refurbished the seats to new so interior is all pimp now. New cracked CF pieces replaced, billestin b8s, hr coils. You know how it goes. $ pit

I’ll post up some pics on my thread later

That’s good to hear! Yeah, money pits indeed… might be cheaper to own an R8 V10 lmao.