FS: Audi S6 Goodies

Since totaling my S6, I’ve decided to move on to a very nice 2014 Audi RS5. So I’d like to put up several items that I think may be of interest:

  • Audi RS6 bumper (and components) $1500
  • Audi RS6 headlights w/ set of new lens & new bulbs $850
  • JHM S6 2.75in catback exhaust w/ JHM RS oval tips & original JHM S quad tips $2000
  • OEM Audi S6 C6.5 tail lights $200
  • Audi RS6 difusor (designed for S6/S-line) $75

I will only pay for shipping on the RS6 headlights. I’d prefer for the RS6 bumper to be picked up due to its size and rarity. It’s in excellent shape, originally purchased from V8A6 which was imported from Germany.

Exhaust still available, location?

Yes, is this still available for parts? Need some things to keep the old girl tip-top.

Unfortunately, most of this was already sold.

I’m located in Houston, TX. Exhaust has been sold to a member in Belgium, however shipping is an issue ATM. If for whatever reason he backs out, then I will have you first in line.

Got any of this:
-hood liner (squirrel ate mine)
-MMI controls (buttons just need to be perfect, does not need to work)
-front right wheel liner
-engine cover badges
-pass side mirror (just mirror, not housing)

Didn’t keep the car, so I don’t have any of those items unfortunately. Should find some solid deals on eBay.

Sounds good… thank you for the quick reply

Where u at? I could possibly set u up with good liner, will check in am

SE Michigan. 48307.

Do you have the drivers side LED DRL strip 4F0941067A?

Nah man, but I have a buddy who might be able to source it the cheapest for you.

Update to this: My guy can source genuine for $385 and OE for $300 (both new)

That’s sweet! I really only need one tho not both. Can he get me one? The drivers side?

Sorry - I’ll rephrase. He can either get you that P/N (new) for $385 (genuine/Audi) or $300 (OEM). Do you have Instagram?

Oh I understand. No I’m too cheap for new. I’d rather get the used one for 150 since I am going to sand and clear bra it anyhow. I appreciate you messaging me. Truly

I absolutely agree. Have you tried eBay? German eBay tends to have some really good stuff, sometimes new for half the price.

For example, I just got 8 OEM injectors brand new for $900 from eBay ($1800 MSRP).

How’s the build coming along btw?

Right. I buy a lot of stuff from europe also. I got my injectors from fcp just to get the warranty Iirc i paid 89 each because i was able to talk the guy on the phone down at fcp.

The car is getting ceramic pro as we speak then body and interior is finly done. Doing the android / analogue tv tuner install, and then work on the engine drop and for the cats and other PM this winter.

Having some back and forth with JHM as they want to install cat 02 sensors again after deleting the cats… so have some kinks to work out it seems…

In general great tho! Running strong as an ox. How about yours?!!