FS: VCDS Cable - HEX-NET Enthusiast


I no longer have any Audi vehicles so have no need for my VCDS Cable. It is the HEX-NET Enthusiast cable which can be used wired or with WIFI. Original cost was $450. I am asking $200 shipped. This cable has a 10 VIN limit. Was used with 2 cars so it still has 8 VIN slots/cars it can be used with.

I would take PayPal as payment. If you are interested, send me a PM or you can e-mail me at spaceme1117@gmail.com. I will post pictures of the cable this afternoon as I am at work right now.




Price reduced. Also, I had the wrong e-mail address (I had written .net but it is a .com).

Sorry for the dumb question, but will this work in performing a JHM tune ?