Fuse box question

I am trying to find a fuse in the driver side fuse box panel that doesn’t give power with the key out but haven’t had any luck. Does anyone know if there is a fuse that doesn’t stay powered constant?

Iirc from last year, power on drivers side for example can be found here where I put a fuse tap for my DIY trunk Android

I may be wrong tho, I do things in the moment and then it escapes my mind

Awesome. I will check tonight and see if that one will work. It’s for a radar detector. As of right now I have it on one of the fuses below that and it has power with the car off so I just have to turn it off when I get out and on when I get in.

I tapped into a fuse that had to do with telephone on the passenger side to activate the amp i put in the car

Only came on when the ignition is on
Not sure if this helps since it’s on the other side