Gearbox overheated: please adapt driving style!


Im having problem with my Audi A7 2013 3.0 ( S- tronic dual clutch 7- speeds) after I changed the gearbox oil. so after 2 weeks the car showed me this ( Gearbox overheating: please adapt driving style) then the gearbox enters the safety mood. however, after about 15min the car will return to its normal condition with no problems!

This problem happened with me few times a took the car to the a car shop and we did a diagnosis test and it shows the below pics. after that we changed the gearbox coolant and the water pump but still the problem appears! now we are thinking that we need to change the clutches but before that i need your opinion guys and let me know what do you think and if I need to change the clutches is there an upgrade package that you recommend so i can gain more torque and power ? also if i need to repair the Mechatronic with a repair kit or if there is any upgraded Mechatronic that i can use?

The fault codes P173E00 (valve 1 in partial transmission 1) and P174000 ( clutch temperature monitoring) and P17D800 ( Torque limitation due to clutch temperature)


Read this … it explains the oil change procedures.