Had to get out for first weekday night test and tune.

Sorry for copy and paste guys but didn’t feel like typing this all out again. Have not posted for awhile but this is my favorite forum of all, so here it is. How’re you guys doing? Hope you’re all killing it whatever you’re up to. Cheers

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[quote]Alrighty guys, I’ve been hibernating somewhat but not out of the loop, just yet. First time out this season, cabin fever was getting to me. Took a looong ride down to Atco yesterday afternoon, getting out of New York is really becoming ridiculous. Anyhow, great DA’s -1400’s or so, didn’t check while there. Humidity was high and chance of rain, we’ll talk about this later. Went down to get a few shakedown runs and see how the car is performing after finding leaking intercooler and failed intercooler pump, changed pcv, plugs etc while we were at it.

Car #776:

First run launched and the S4 snaked down the first 60 feet to the tune of 1.9’s and did the 1:4 in 12.001 at 121. IATs ended up somewhere in the low 60’s if not mistaken.

Second run, tried a softer approach and bogged off the line but still got a decent time, 1.7’s 60ft and 11.4’s at 122. This was against a late model Camaro with drag setup. He out 60’D and out reacted me, stayed a car and half ahead but the S4 stayed with it all the way down the track without him gaining and inch. Let’s say he beat me but wasn’t happy, lol… Again IATs ended up in the low 60’s and this was all on 93 file. I was hoping to get at least two or three more runs, as it was a slow night, felt car was able to run a couple of tenths faster with a good 60’.

That was basically it, as I banked on it, about a dozen or street cars and a handful of gamblers were at the track this Tuesday TNT wanted to get a few runs in but a guy blew a piston in right lane and then drizzle caused the officials to shut it down. Good decision, definitely wouldn’t want someone getting hurt for no good reason.

Better luck next time, lol. It was definitely great to get out to the track and let her rip. Also, saw a friend that’s been racing his B7 at the track and working on getting some nice times with it.

For anyone that might ask, car is APR ultra charged 93 file with most if not all supporting mods, ran it on Conti DWS’s mounted in HRE’s , since weather was in the low 40’s and didn’t want to run a stickier tire where the compound would’ve turned hard in those conditions and not being able to do a proper burnout doesn’t help.
No ethanol used except for the 10% that’s in 93 pump gas…Cheers…!

Looks like solid results congrats.

Thank you sir…

thanks Justin!

Nice results!

Good times and trap on pump… Track opens April 14th here, can’t wait. Weather has been horrible all March and early April projections are crappy… sigh… Haven’t run with this tune yet so I’m curious how it will do…

Thanks Prime, can’t wait to run some race fuel myself. Wish I was to get a couple of extra runs in to improve my launch for track conditions and get a lower time and possibly higher trap. Weather conditions do look pretty dim so far. See you out there soon.