Hello B8 owners!

So Happy to be joining this platform I am LOVING IT!!! Picked up a 09 2.0t Q Ibis white/black, Pics to come, as soon as my black out RS4 grill arrives and my stasis springs so I don’t have to post up this obnoxious wheel gap I have, lol. Did I mention how much i love this car!?!?!? ;D ;D

Damn, this section is more dead than the 3.0 platform…

Anyways here is a pic haven’t got my springs installed yet so still have quite a bit of gap at the wheels. Right now the only mods I am doing is the Stasis springs, powder coat wheels black, and redo the tint with something better and darker. Sorry for the shitty pic, was just a quick one after giving the car a quick rinse. Yes I’m at a self service car wash and no I don’t ever use those brushes on my car. I just use the hose and bring my own wool mitt.


nice up gade. any plans for the car.

Thanks! Well so far,
I blacked out the chome trim and installed rs4 black grill and plan to powder coat the wheels black hopefully around the same time I install my STASIS lowering springs, i might try to find the stasis sway bar too. I also have some BI xenon headlights on the way. Which I plan to j-code mod (which blacks out the amber lens)

And I plan to add some sline blades and then after that I am pretty much done on the cosmetic stuff.

I found an APR k04 kit for a good deal. I haven’t done much research on performance stuff yet just read a little bit about some APR kits out that most people run. I am not too familiar with turbo cars so I am still learning.

I mainly got this car because I love Ibis white and I love the body style. I am not too concerned yet with any mods other than a couple quick cosmetic things. I gave up having a manual to get this car as they cost a bit more and I couldn’t find an IBIS that was manual in my budget. So was a fair trade off I think, time will tell as its my first auto.


Jake you helped him with the 3.0 any chance you can do the same with the B8 A4…

The B8 seems to not have such a big performance following that I have seen. To be honest I dont really follow the B8 too much but I know the ko4 seems to be a good mod. I know there is one guy on here with a ko4 and he got into the 12s but from what I remember reading he said the APR tune had some issues.


Yeah from what I read too the K04 seems to be the way to go. I am not sure on my plans for this car yet I might not even keep it there are some things I don’t like about the B8 now that I’ve had some time to drive it. The B6/B7 IMO is a much better car as far as how they feel.

I felt the same way. the B8 S4 is nice but its not wow enough for me. The B6 and B7 cars feel better and Ijust love the syle

Don’t come on this site too much anymore, wish there was a bigger B8 crowd over here. Everyone on this site seem to be far more knowledgeable than audizine.
Figured I’d post up a better pic now that I fixed a few things to make her look proper I can’t decide what I want to do with this car, keep it. Sell it, I really HATE not having a manual. If I were manual I would get K04 or some other upgraded turbo and supporting mods in a heart beat. Especially since she’s at the dealer getting a new block…damn piston rings. Anyways here’s a pic… would appreciate hearing some opinions if anyone else has ever bought a car and hated not having a manual this is my first automatic so maybe it’s just me or are there other people who can’t stand automatics?


nice. I like the B8 in ibis with dark features (wheel, trim etc)

what’d you do on the window trim?

Thanks, I’m pretty sure its plasti dip. It has a soft touch. It seems pretty durable it’s held up the whole time I’ve had the car and the previous owner said it was on the car when they bought it. That’s why I chose to finish off the black optics package on the rest of the car since the window trim was already done.

Although I think the window trim would look better if it was gloss or like a polished black. And the black optics comes with black blades and side mirrors and I haven’t decided if I’m going to add that since I don’t know what I’m doing with the car yet.

Before and After pics…
Stock with Non sport suspension


After, set to Stasis specs, 20x9 wheels with 245/35 Pirelli’s, Stasis Springs w/OEM sport suspension.


Good to have you posting here even if its just a few.

Not having the manual can be something hard to get over. I have one just to have one. My S4 and A4 are still autos but if your A4 is your daily then its going to be hard to get over. Even the DSG cars still dont really fill the gap between manual and auto.

the down side is audi is looking like they are phasing out the manual option.So you almost have to look at a B7.

What are you thinking of replaceing the B8 with…Another B6 A4…LOL probably not…

What is the issue with the rings. Is this something normal wit the B8

Justin, it is very common for 2009-March/2011 A4s to have oil burning problems. Audi changed the 2.0 TFSI A4 engine for the 2.0 TFSI TT/A3 engine because of the many problems.

In effect the PCV builds up too much pressure in the crankcase and it causes the front crank seal to leak along with the piston rings to flutter. I did the repair a few times. At first the dealership will replace the PCV valve and front crank seal along with do a software flash. Then if the engine is still burning oil then they replace the pistons and rings.

Thanks for that info Jimmy!

Yeah justin i likely wont get another B6 but who knows anything is possible, but for sure would be an S4 not an A4 if I did get a B6 or B7.

My car is getting a new block which comes with timing components because a piston ring and peices of time chain guide was found in the oil pan. And also my oil pump was not functioning to spec as I had low oil pressure at idle. So it’s getting a new short block I’m guessing at least and whatever else is found to be wrong. I honestly don’t know for sure exactly what their replacing I just know its whatever is broken plus full basic maintenence service and anything else necessary so it’s running at top performance.