Help with running problems

Hi all,

I have been struggling with running issues for a while now, no fault codes and have checked replaced many things

Anyway during this whole process of the car lacking any power, rough idle, running rich, the normal whine sound you get from these has been louder

I had the car in the air the other day and removed the cover under the engine, the whine sound is coming from the sump, right where the oil pickup tube is

I removed the sump to check the oil pickup to check it wasnt blocked, all looked good and was clean, flaps in the sump all free to move and nothing untoward in the oil.

Resealed the sump, new oil and filter and also changed the PCV as thought this may be causing excessive vacuum but the noise and vibration on the sump is still there and the poor running symptoms still exist

I have a forge oil cooler fitted to the car which i know does cause more noise than standard but when this louder whine definitely goes with the poor running i’m experiencing

Any help would be great