High pressure fuel pump failure?

Hey guys I’m pretty sure my high pressure fuel pump failed so the car has been showing low pressure in the fuel rail or fuel pressure sensor malfunction. The car just basically stalls randomly or it has trouble starting. When it’s stalling and i rev it before it cuts off it stays on. The car has 78k miles and I already changed one high pressure fuel pump that was blowing main fuses and not working. Does it sound like it’s failing?

I changed them and sheesh that made a difference

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When mine went dead, it was popping a fuse and the car would not keep running after start.


Yeah a while back that kept popping that main fuse in the engine bay for the engine mount abs and all that shit until I changed that one pump then I changed it again with two new pumps and that made a big difference

Are these the same as the 3.2 or 4.2? Serious question. Can we rebuild with parts from one?

I stripped the large side pressure regulator fitting once and replaced with one off a 4.2. Never looked back

There’s multiple part numbers and the ones I’ve seen don’t match the 4.2.
However, there’s a guy on the S6/S8 V10 FB group that has the 4.2 pump and has no issues.

They might be the same and the difference in part numbers might due to different production years. :man_shrugging:t3:

Damn should of took the ones off my old 4.2

I replaced mine last year.

I have run the solenoid from a 1.8T B8 HpFp in the some what recent past. No issues to speak of in roughly 25-30k and 3yrs ltr