Hood release issue…

So here we go again, in the excitement of running her again after a recent trans install it would seem as though I had skipped over re attaching the hood release cable. And if you r familiar with the release latch assy in our fine German engineered saloons, cable is located inside of rad assy facing engine. Nice and tight in there… Not looking forward to it to say the least.

I’ve had to do this a few times. If you can get it on ramps and make the same tool from this video (I just bought some 1/4" rod and made it myself), it’s not too bad…

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Did the cable snap or cable disconnect from good latch

You can push “up” and “out” building your tool on a lift and opo it in 30 seconds. I did it last year

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Good shit!! She’s already waiting on the ramps… Pretty pissed I didn’t think of the lock out tools I already have :man_facepalming:… Thank You for info!!! Huge help

Disconnected while installing bumper cover…

 In general I’ve about  gotten to the point of using 2 gal of fuel n solving entire issue once and for all 🔥🔥 We’ve been on a rocky road lately her n I.. But like any mans first true love I can’t for the life of me just walk away. These damn V10’s :broken_heart:🥰