How do i add pics to my posts

i found nothing on how to do it in the search option and when i click the image tab while making a new post or reply all i get is this "[img] thing. what am i missing?

Host your images on a website like

After uploading the image, copy the image’s hyperlink.

Then, paste that hyperlink between the [img] tags. *Note: The second [img] tag needs a forward slash “/img”

Photobucket actually gives you a pre-generated [img] tag so you can just copy that in its entirety and then paste that directly to here.

When you have uploaded the image to a photosharing site, right click on the image and select “copy link”

From there, using the IMG tag, format it like below:

The IMG tags can sit in the same line - I just put them on separate lines to illustrate.

If you don’t have a website to upload to (or don’t want to register with one), you can go to to upload your pictures (once you’re logged in).

I know the OP did in the other section and it worked like a charm :slight_smile: (I’m therefore stating it for other newcomers who may want to upload pics).

So I can’t upload a picture to the site. It says that there was an error with no file found.

Jimmy try! :slight_smile:

wasnt that the site that blocked all the pictures from going and getting listed 3rd party

Jimmy to post pictures to this site

Click the link

I don’t believe so - that’s Photobucket. Imgur has never blocked any images due to 3rd party restrictions.

Are Newbs like myself limited to 1 album and only 2 pics using our uploader?
I seem to be stuck in a loop where i can’t upload anymore pics or create albums.

You can load as many pictures to this site as you want. Just make sure they are resized and not some huge image side or data amount. Other than that make sure there are no …().!: symbles in the name I have found that makes it hard to upload a pic.