I bought a GTI

Back in the VAG family. As you all know I had my 05 S4, sold that and bought a Cobra, after a year of daily driving that I leased a Chevy Sonic. Found someone to take over the lease on the Sonic so now that’s gone, or at least it will be once the transfer is complete.

I really wanted to get back into an 8E car so I started to look for a clean B7 which after a lot of research, I decided I only wanted a 2008, and it had to be manual, and have the convenience package. After dealing with a couple used car dealerships that do the whole new “haggle free pricing thing” and after losing out on a couple private party cars I gave up and started exploring other options. When I sold the S4, a new GTI was the other car I was considering, which I know is odd considering the Cobra was the other car I was considering. Obviously went with the Cobra at that time so last week I started to look at GTI’s and I fell in love with them again.

So I bought one, a pretty nice one and I paid more that I originally wanted to spend on a car. But here’s why:
-Florida car, one owner, every single service item documented in the carfax including DSG fluid, timing chain tensioner, and water pump. Oil changes done every 5000 miles!
-Autobahn package (nav, bixenons, keyless, leather, sunroof, etc.)
-Had a clearbra on it since it was new
-CPO for 24mo/24k
-stock besides tint, and I guess you could argue that the rubber mats are a “mod”
-Brand new OEM tires and brakes

Flying to Fort Lauderdale sometime next week, still working that out though.

Here is the dealer picture:


Congrats man. 4dr? CSG by the looks of it?

The keyless is nice, I live mine. Recode it so you can lock it while its running, great for warming up the car.

Nice pick up Joe!

I love keyless on the Q5, but it really turns you into a moron when it comes to your other vehicles. I try to rip open the door or my truck like twice a day while it’s still locked and I somehow think the door will know I want in…

Thanks guys. Yes it’s a 4 door CSG. The 4 door is kind of the underdog but I like the look better, breaks up the side of the car better and looks a little more grown up.

I know what you mean by the doors not opening sometimes. I’m a valet so I do that ALL the time, I always feel bad for the door handle.

I prefer 4 dr gti’s. Nice pickup. Love the color too…

I prefer 4 dr gti’s. Nice pickup. Love the color too…

Bummer, I was looking forward to having you in the B7 A4 community!

Nice choice. We’ve had a 2011 for 4 years. Trouble free (touch wood) and plenty of smiles. And IIRC you’re in a snow belt area - the GTI has so far yet to be beaten by some intense snow squalls

good to have you back joe but yes It would have been nice to see you in the A4 community. It seems like a good time there.

The GTI is a good pick up. Do you still have the terminator

Got back last night from picking up the car. Flew down Sunday morning, then drove 10 hours to Atlanta then finished the drive yesterday.

Found out a nice bonus, the previous owner had seat covers on the car the whole time he owned it, so the leather is perfect. There’s also all of the receipts from the dealer that the PO got when he brought the car in for service.

Here is a picture I took at a place I stopped to eat at in Fort Lauderdale. The weather was the best part; when I took that it was snowing in Chicago