I bought a GTI

Back in the VAG family. As you all know I had my 05 S4, sold that and bought a Cobra, after a year of daily driving that I leased a Chevy Sonic. Found someone to take over the lease on the Sonic so now that’s gone, or at least it will be once the transfer is complete.

I really wanted to get back into an 8E car so I started to look for a clean B7 which after a lot of research, I decided I only wanted a 2008, and it had to be manual, and have the convenience package. After dealing with a couple used car dealerships that do the whole new “haggle free pricing thing” and after losing out on a couple private party cars I gave up and started exploring other options. When I sold the S4, a new GTI was the other car I was considering, which I know is odd considering the Cobra was the other car I was considering. Obviously went with the Cobra at that time so last week I started to look at GTI’s and I fell in love with them again.

So I bought one, a pretty nice one and I paid more that I originally wanted to spend on a car. But here’s why:
-Florida car, one owner, every single service item documented in the carfax including DSG fluid, timing chain tensioner, and water pump. Oil changes done every 5000 miles!
-Autobahn package (nav, bixenons, keyless, leather, sunroof, etc.)
-Had a clearbra on it since it was new
-CPO for 24mo/24k
-stock besides tint, and I guess you could argue that the rubber mats are a “mod”
-Brand new OEM tires and brakes

Flying to Fort Lauderdale sometime next week, still working that out though.

Here is the dealer picture: