..... I can't believe it but I've gone domestic....

The RS has been serving as my daily driver for the last 6 months I’d say? Maybe even longer now, it’s been fantastic and gets great gas mileage, as I’m all highway commuting, but I want to stop racking the KM up in her, and maybe see if could get something even more fuel efficient for daily driving, was thinking tdi jetta, trade the gti for one and call it a day, but with the recent house purchase, I’ve noticed how handy a truck can be, in just about everything around the house, plus not to mention me and the wife both love being outdoors, and let’s just say one to many offroad trips in the Ford focus has finally killed it lol.

HPA (coty built) is local to me so I had some interest in converting a newer jk unlimited with the new CR tdi, but that brings me back to the fact it’s a SUV, I could convert the jk unlimited to a JK 8, but then it’s a 2 seater and with 2 dogs already, and I know the wife wants kids soon, so not to practical.

On a whim I pulled into Dodge and got a crazy blow out price on a 2014 3500 ram with a manual transmission… I was over the moon!! (I know not exactly more fuel efficient, but for some reason, I just really want a diesel lately)


but being some what of a smart man, I placed the deposit (fully refundable) I just needed to be back by that night to sign the papers, figured the better half might want some say in it as she will drive it on occasion. I will give her full credit, she came down took it for a test drive and seriously thought it over, she would have let me get it but I could see her face she just wasn’t to comfortable with it. I pulled the deposit and apologized to the dealership but we were going to wait.

Then I found this.

Got a deposit in with the dealership for a 2016 GMC canyon, SLT, crew cab, long box, 4x4 in emerald green metallic, with the new 2.8 duramax…

Does anyone else here drive any gmc products? Or chevy? I took the v6 for a test drive and it was nice, I mean it’s a new vehicle, just wanted to see if anyone else was looking into these.