I have a great running S4 and I put it up every winter

Doing some major maintance this year when the car goes down for the winter. Funny that we have one of the best allwheel systems and in the weather when we can really use it. I put it up for the winter.

Doing a full flush of the oil. From the motor to the transmission fluid brake fluid and coolant.

I have had the JHM TCU tune for quite some time now. I feel like that has helped keep my transmission in better working order than some of the other transmissions I have seen. It will be interesting to see what the fluid looks like when I open it up.

So how did it all turned out, the tranny fluid that is? Yes, such a capable car for your winter conditions but I would have done the same. Not sure whether they put down salt on the roads where you stay but that just ruin any good car. Same with the UK guys those road conditions in winter is just brutal!

What happened to your plans to install the JHM S/Charger?

All of the fluid looked in really good condition. To be honest. I probably didn’t need to change the trans fluid. The brake fluid could use the change.

The supercharger install was fun and since I have helped do a few local didn’t take long. I have some pictures I just need to load them to the new site.