I love my S4 but........

If this indeed comes stateside, i may be picking one up.


The real question is, do i put off modding the car to wait for news or do i keep modding car and not get the RS3. Doing both is not an option. I love my B7 but ever since i saw this im in love with the way it looks. And i love the I-5.

The 5cyl motor does it for me. That is one of the best motors audi made. I think the normal A is blah looks too much like a dodge dart. It seems audi is having a hard time finding the right home for the 5cyl motor. It would be nice to see it in more then just a few special cars. Add that motor to how great thus car looks and it’s hard to pass on.


the 5 cyl motor was a winner In the Volvos too. something about the symmetry and timing of 5 cyl just works.
that car is sexy as fuck too.

  1. that’s a drawing, not a car
  2. the real thing is skinny as fuck and nowhere near as impressive looking
  3. it will be $56,000
  4. it’s just too tiny to take seriously

I love the engine though.

Also, how is that a ‘crazy turbo 5 cylinder’ if it’s 340 hp, and it’s LESS than the previous generation RS3 had using the same layout? Or the TTRS?

Very strange article.

Here’s the article with some meat. They haven’t even confirmed a sedan yet, therefore not set to come to NA (yet)


The above picture is that clubsport concept.

Saki, im pretty sure the A3 is about as big as my B7 S4. Ive sat in both and it seemed identical in size.

A few things though,

I would ONLY get the car IF it looked like the clubsport does. Ive seen real pics and it looks almost identical to the drawings to me so i dont share the same opinion as saki does. Clubsport is wider and much more aggressive (in my eyes)

I would ONLY get the car if it gets the 5 cylinder (which it looks like it will)

Ive been debating it since yesterday. After discussion it seems that it wont be available here (if at all) until 2017 or 2018. Way to far for me to wait around for. So it looks like i will proceed with mods for now. I would strongly consdier it though down the road if everything happens the way i want.

In the end waiting 2 or so years to see if it will look like the clubsport is too long. Yes a RS3 might come out, BUT if all that happens is a front fascia change it will do nothing for me. I want something like RS4 with wide fenders and different front and so forth.


the A3 is 5-6 inches shorter than a B7

for perspective, that’s also the size difference between a B8 and an A6

and as far as ‘looks wider’…it won’t get any wider other than maybe a marginal fender flare. inside is the same. outside will be the same.

It will look like a slightly different S3. It will have a big honeycomb grill, and 19" wheels. It will definitely be the 2.5T.

In the S40/V50s?

Volvo has been using I5’s for sometime, back to 850 days…recently the T5’s are I5 and the T6’s are I6. They are now moving exclusively to 4 turbos in various outputs and some with hybrids

^^^what he said.

That looks quite impressive to say the least! It would make great addition to my stable only and only if it’d look exactly like in this chop and packed with turbo 5cyl.

if the car actually looked like that id be all over it too. I love the way it looks in that drawing.


That video was sick. I love the editing they did on the shot of the car coming out of the garage.

would be cool if someone could photo shop this thing into normalcy

  1. raise ride height to normal RS height rather than slammed
  2. delete the ‘quattro’ from the grill
  3. move the rings from the R8 spot to the normal 1/3 spot on the grill

Here Saki maybe this is what your looking for :slight_smile:


I decided to stay B7 beforehand but seeing this just reconfirmed my decision. I wanted a widebody sexy beast. Instead it will look more like just a few fascia changes and not the clubsport look.

Better link?



Don’t give up just yet…you never know what’s really going on, or what’s planned aesthetically.

Could that just be an S3 body? I don’t know what an S3 looks like enough to say either way.

Also, too bad the guy didn’t get a photo of the engine bay

edit: yeah that’s just an S3. Still hope for a proper RS.

Spied car thought to be RS3


S3 image


I wish we got the B7 Passat wagon over here :frowning: