I want it in sedan form...


If I don’t get something soon and this comes state side in sedan form I’m in…

Love it. Would be a really fun to car to own.

I want it in manual form. The R would be gone in a heartbeat

a small car that is fast as fuck and sounds awesome. So rare. Sedan is a no brainer

It’s being built and it’s coming to North America. I will put a whole case of Cokes on that.

oh snap just watched that video, Fucking AWESOME!

That’s how you make a damn exhaust video!

Really makes me want a 2.5T

Give me the hatch

Beem, Why not buy a TTRS?

Saki, I agree that sound is amazing and well done vid… I watched it 4-5 times… lol Tune, tcu tune, intake, bigger front mount and downpipe and you’re probably pushing low 11’s…

Ttrs is a nice second or third car but not entirely useful. An RS3 in sedan or hatch form would be fun and useful.

Yeah unfortunately 1 car is all I’ve got in the budget and I like having the hatch too much

Yeah, good point guys… The TTRS has a done of cargo capacity as long as the cargo isn’t people… lol With the seats folded down there is a ton of space… As for the back seats I wouldn’t even put my 4 year old back there…

I wonder how the rs3 DSG compares with the one in the mk6 GTI. I much prefer to drive the S4 DSG vs the GTI DSG. The GTI is a lot rougher, and seems to have a lot more delays etc. I can’t stand driving it in manual mode, only ‘D’ mode. Could have something to do with the turbo vs S/C torque delivery, not really sure.

I also don’t like how short it’s geared, goes into 6th at around 30 mph it seems. No kick down either. Wish I could throw a TCU tune on it, but no way the lady would allow it :-\

yeah, I would have guessed turbo vs. SC on that one…not sure but that’s a good guess.

Audi sales guy posted on my facebook today saying its coming here, around $60k canadian

for an RS3? Really? I’d be shocked

The CAD is down 25% over the past 18 months, and that will be reflected in any new model pricing. If a car is $50,000 in the US, it will be $65,000 here before long. Right now it’s about 10% different.

We’ll see. He pm’ed me an ETA and pricing on the S3 before anyone was talking about it online, and he was bang-on. But I agree 60 seems optimistic.

yes, but that was 18 months ago, before the currency move.

We’ve gone from 1.10 to 1.32 in that time. That’s a 20% move.

Unless they adjust CAD pricing vs. the Eur and USD , they are giving up their entire margin. It’s tough to raise prices, but it’s a lot tougher to report to your regional director that you’re operating a not for profit for the next 2 years.

We will see. I don’t think our pricing will be anywhere enar that of the US market. If it’s $58,000 USD it should be well over $70,000 up here. If it’s $60,000 here, it will be around $50,000 in the US.


Here’s something interesting…speedo comparison between new S3 and new RS3

So we know that the S3 traps the 1/4 mile in about 105 MPH. And we know that speedometers are optimistic to the tune of about 3 MPH. But we also know that traps are under-rated by about 1mph as far as terminal speed (Trap is a 66 foot average speed rather than a radar speed at the finish line). So 105 is 108 mph shown, which is really 109 shown for terminal speed. 109 Mph is 175 kmh.

When the S3 hits 175, the RS is at 195 kmh. Thats 121 mph, which is about 117 mph after the same 1mph for trap speed, 3mph for speedo optimism.

Of course the RS3 would already be across the line before this speed, so it’s not going to trap 117 mph, but it shows pretty significant outperformance over the same course of time. Even to 98 kmh which is about 60 mph, the RS3 is there when the S3 is at 91.

I’d guess around 12.2 @ 114 for an RS3 1/4 mile time. Hope we see one here.


I hope you two are right on all of that, $50k for 12.2@114 yes please

What’s a decently equipped S3 sell for in the US? Wouldn’t the premium on the RS3 be ~10-12K.

should be

base model S3 is 42.5k but it;s loaded I believe. Only option is 19" wheels I think.

edit that’s way off. It’s around 50 nicely equipped in the US.

So a nicely equipped RS3 should be in the 65 ish range.

What is the gap between TTRS and TTS?

Hard to say from a brief search on cars.com. I found a new TTS for 55k (USD), and the 2013 TTRSs were about the same price. What’s the latest model TTRS available in North America?

If I was in the market for a new car (which I most emphatically am not lol), I actually think the RS3 would be at the top of my list. It sounds great from the one video I saw, and it looks like it hauls ass on acceleration. Would be a sweet pickup for anyone interested.