Ignition Lock warning Light

I have a flashing warning light on my dash that is
Ignition Lock
Flashes while the car runs
Has anyone experienced this and if so is it a DIY level or would anything related to this job require a VAG shop to fix properly.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Start by cleaning the key, cleaning the keyhole, and changing the battery in the key fob.

Can’t understand him but this guy takes the ignition out and apart and shows you the terminal that breaks.

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Thank you for the information!
This likely verifies that my switch is faulty.


Do you have issue, when you put in the key, the ignition lock does not disengage, and steering wheel is still locked?


Yes I have had that happen on occasion and the ignition lock light all of the time

There is a solution of cutting off one of the wires when it is unlocked. You will loose the locking obviously, but it won’t strand you. Other solutions are replacing ignition lock unit for a new or known good used one, or fixing yours.

Thank you for this information!
I may look at a new ignition and fob too

You can fix it by replacing three switches and a relay. 40$ of parts.

Thanks! And Merry Christmas
What switches would I need to replace?

On ebay
On watchlist if needed

Thank you!!
Definitely cheaper than the dealer
$700 in Canada for an ignition switch
Thanks again for the help to all who responded.

Happy Holidays