In-depth video of Kimovitzh JHM tuned S6 V10 (∼500HP)

Hopefully I’ll be able to do a vlog journey of my own “road to an JHM tuned Audi S6 V10” cause @Kimovitzh Kim “green goblin” just blew my mind! :star_struck:

I wish you all could have been there and heard it in person, its nuts - completely nuts!

If its interesting I might continue doing videos in english, have a lot of S6 V10 content planned at least.

Merry Christmas to you all! :slight_smile:


Great great video. @Kimovitzh ‘s avant- is perfect.

30 minute drive cost him 100 euro in fuel.

@Woxxman will need a better camera mount lol.

Great job capturing the audio of the car, as well as the comparison between the stock and tuned one…

Merry Christmas


Not that extreme, but our fuel prices are quite high atm :sweat_smile:

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Nice video man. Thanks for making an enthusiast video for us!


Great video. When is the white lighting getting some JHM love.

I think it’s great that we still have a company thats trully interested in this market. There isn’t really a big production number for companies to justify helping out the platform. And there isn’t a ton of us but the collection of us are passionate to see each of us enjoy the car.


I couldn’t agree more!
And the amount of support and dedication from the wizard tuner is like nothing I’ve ever received before.

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Thanks! I’m very happy you liked the video! It’s been a rough autumn so I haven’t had nearly as much time for video content as I had hoped. But for 2022 we’ve invested in an even better mic (I want even more great V10 sounds!!) and some other bits and pieces for even greater content. :slight_smile:

I’m glad you enjoyed it @laketahoequattro, there was a lot of enthusiasm that day I can assure you that! :grimacing:

Thanks @justincredible and for all the feedback here in the forums so far! As you say, the community is small but very passionate. I honestly had 2h of video content with me and Kim just geeking out over the engine and cars. We just couldn’t stop talking! :joy:
I actually had planned on getting the White Lightning some JHM love this autumn already but I’ve had to put that on hold after some personal health issues. I hope to get this project started early next year and the idea is then to do a longer series of videos detailing several different steps in the tuning process. Like ECU/TCU tune, lighter wheels, lighter rotors and such. The main problem is that its super expensive to order stuff from the US here in Sweden, a lot of import taxes and shipping fees so we’ll see how much fun stuff the budget allows. :slight_smile:

And even though I haven’t had much contact with JHM directly yet its clear as daylight that they go above and beyond when tuning these cars and working with the community. The support they’ve given @Kimovitzh on his EU spec car and the fact that they still develop new software and hardware for these cars is just amazing. My hope is to get more people interested in these cars with the help of more video content like this. That would hopefully give JHM more clients and more resources to continue their development.
I for one wouldn’t mind a supercharged S6… NA V10 sound and RS power! :sweat_smile:


Would love to see the dyno that goes to 7300 rpm. Still even though you have no flaps, that torque curve is super flat I’m actually surprised.

Is that 7300 part of the jhm tcu tune?

Same here.
So annoyed with myself that I didn’t see it or mention it when I was there.

They were so stressful and used most of the time they had with me, complementing the amount of power the car had and at the same time warning me against any other tuner than themself :roll_eyes:
I my experience it’s very common for tuners to warn against every other tuner here, and it’s so annoying.

Yes it’s a good torque curve, the file is also designed around the gutted intake. Amazing work.
The 7300 is my request on the tcu tune. Also JHM work. :v:t3:

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Who was this…that was the other then themselves people?

That “warning” from other “tuners” tends to be more when they can’t beat em’ they bash em’ kind of thing. In the past that’s what I’ve seen with people going against the JHM stuff. I tend to not venture too far out of the cars I’m interested in. I fully get there is a LARGE difference in one companies ability to do something Vs others. Look at just in this case. The other big name tuner for these cars was APR and their tunes were almost no faster than stock…

Also that’s why it’s great to see your dragy times. One of the worst things that happened to the aftermarket was the dishonest dyno runners. I almost fully disregard most dyno stuff now due to the fact that it’s not even really fully relevant. In the end it’s the cars acceleration everyone is looking to see.


They are just some local tuners/mechanics with a dyno here in Denmark. We don’t have that many 4x4 dynoes near Copenhagen so I just picked one.

We have a lot of small tuners and some “bigger” one.
They all bash against every other tuner as they all believe they themself are the best of the best.
It’s a horrible culture.

I’ll pick drag numbers over any dyno run every day. Unfortunately drag numbers mean very little here, and in Europe in general. HP numbers is what people want. So I did it just got the heck of it.
Fortunately the Dragy product is pushing against the HP hype and attentions what’s important -real world numbers.

Also, the dyno doesn’t show the huge advantage the TCU tune does.
Just look at the video at 22:03 and see when I do my 1st to 2nd gear shift. It does this huge kick/boost forward.

Excellent video! Nice to see and hear a real world comparison such as this.
Also love your exhaust!


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Nice Video.


Wooohaa… Danish Dynamite :exploding_head: :muscle: :+1: :grin:


Oh yeah!

Nice video!


Can I ask a question when you gutted the IM what did you do with the flap motor? And when you did the ecu uograde did you purchase on that took into account the gutted manifold?

How do you get it past emissions with gutted cats or don’t they test for it in Denmark? The JHM TCU tune is indeed phenomenal. It’s really one of the first things I’d do to the car in hindsight. It turns the car from “kinda nice” to “holy s***!”

My one JHM ECU&TCU tune version for catless, complete exhaust with sport cats 200 cel, emmision test good


I think what JHM continues to do for the platform is fantastic. They can’t openly advertise that they can help with this. So it’s great to see their commitment to the platform. I’m excited to see what else they have coming this net year.