In tank fuel pump

Hey guys I have a audi s6 2008 and I was wondering for the in tank pump. Can you just change the actual pump that’s in that assembly for it instead of changing the entire thing?

You can, if you are able to source the pump, as it’s not sold separately.

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I have one brand new pump on standby, complete with all parts, in couple days will be able to check it and see if can be separated, if yes will share any info from pump

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Thanks guys I have two of these cars currently and the one on my 2nd one is on its way out. It would be nice if we can find the pump instead of just replacing the entire unit.

So here it is
Audi S6 V10 Fuel pump

To get it out its not easy, i lost patience and just broke everything :laughing:

Plastic frame thats holding pump its glues on white housing, there is no any clips except arround pump itself.
There is ring split in 3 pieces that holding pump all around, if that its pulled away pump can be pulled out…

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Fuel pump S6

On aliexpress its cheaper

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