Injector Servicing (2009 audi s8 5.2 v10)

    I recently bought my 2009 audi s8 5.2 v10 and immediately did my research on the common problems, issues, what to look out for etc. After a little research, I decided to do a Carbon clean, install Intake Spacers, New Plugs and Coil packs, Oil filter, Air filters and to service my injectors.

    I Finished cleaning my intake ports, and purchased everything else, ready to reassemble, except my injectors.

I bought an audi injector pulling kit and pulled my injectors. (I think they’re pretty bogged up) I began looking for a shop to have them serviced, come to find out, no one in my area will service these injectors, started doing some research, read that JHM used to clean and flow-match them, seemed like they were the most recommended company for the job, I sent them an email, they don’t service them anymore. I read that most shops, even if they will service the injectors, don’t have the right equipment to test them past 5bar? or w/e PSI. I’m not too familiar with what process is involved with cleaning/servicing these but from what I’ve read we need to be at 100bar?

    [u]Long story short, I just want to know if you guys know a reliable company than can clean and flow-match these injectors for the 5.2 v10[/u]

JHM had a machine built and it turned out the program ran very well. The issue with JHM being able to keep the program running was that they never got good cores or rarely got good cores back from people when they cleaned and sent back out injectors.

Try PM’ing countvohn. I know he helped work with the team on building or testing the injectors. He would probably be able to point you in the right direction.

Welcome to the forums. Great list of maintenance stuff. All needed all smart moves from the intake spacers to getting the injectors cleaned.

How did the intake manifold look and what version do you have

Thanks Justin, I sent CountVohn a message.

First thing i checked on my car when i began dismantling the intake, was the flaps, there were no flaps.
Whoever owned the car before me removed all the flaps, and sealed the manifold with some silicon.

I’m just going to run with the flap delete for now, no need to worry about broken flaps, but if JHM’s intake manifold really is the bees knees, I may eventually snag that along with the JHM tune, and the 2.75in catback exhaust seems appealing, does JHM still make them for the S8?

Please, let me know what you find out on the injector cleaning as I am very much interested as well. Thank you.

Haven’t heard back from CountVohn yet, and still no luck trying to find a place that is able to service these, I’m at the point where I think I’m just going to buy some new injectors from FCP.

I think countvohn won’t reply to any new emails until all his old or current customers with headers and the rest of it are all up to date. I would give him till the end of the week.

If that doesn’t pan out I don’t think any other company has built a machine to clean FSI injectors at a rate that is reasonable. And its always hard new injectors have not always been better. Some of the flow rates on the newer ones have been as bad or worse than used dirty injectors.

Keep your fingers crossed, there’s a place here that works on Turbo Japanese high HP cars. My friend is finding out for me, I’ll fill you in.

Got word from CountVohn, he does know a shop that has the right machine to do the job, and I’m discussing details with him now on shipping mine out. If you’re still interested in servicing your injectors I would try to get a hold of him as well.

You have any info on what shop it was he suggested?

I am using the same shop discussed. Currently have some cleaned and flow tested injectors if you are interested in buying some. PM me if you are interested.