Intake Flap Acuator?

Good morning wonderful people, I started my car yesterday with a pal after trying to find the battery drain and we heard a funny whooshing noise, we pulled of the plastic cover near the front and found a hole in the front of the intake (looks like some sort of flap actuator? We plugged the hole with a finger and it ran/idled beautifully where as normally it is very wobbly with random misfires at idle. Is this correct and if so where can I find/buy one? Please see attached photos.

That armature connects to the assembly inside the IM that controls the path of air to the engine. The hole is most likely the external part of that armature. There are two flap control motors:

07L 129 086 B Drive Unit Lower Front

07L 129 086 C Driver Unit Upper Front - the one you have circled

I am fairly certain there is no separate internal parts for the IM other than the entire IM. I started getting CELS a couple years ago (about the same time I needed to do a carbon clean) and found the internals of the IM were pretty battered. So I ordered one (I think from JHM).

The Audi part number is 07L 133 185 M and it looks like it comes with both motors, I paid about $2K.

Maybe someone else has some alternatives or maybe you can find a used IM that you could either use or scavenge parts from.