Intake Manifold Bolt Size

Anyone know what the intake manifold bolt size is?

The reason I am asking is I may try again to install the JHM intake spacers I have. When I first installed them, I had a vacuum leak that I never could get sealed. Thinking about it recently, I am starting to suspect that it was a problem with the JHM provided stainless steel bolts. When I tried to do a re-torque of the bolts to try to re-seal the manifold, I had two of them strip the hex head and they were a bitch to remove. I am thinking I will get a set of ARP chrome-moly bolts if I can get them in the proper size and length.


I had the same problem. Torqued them to spec and 3 stripped.

I’ll see if I can pull one tonight.

The JHM supplied ones are M6x1.0 x 60mm. Stock ones are 50mm.
When I bought my spacers, I searched around on one of the online parts databases and found some Audi ones of the same size with a Torx head (Grade 10.9).

Excellent. Thank you.

I am going to get some ARP bolts and washers with a 8mm hex head in Chrome Moly.

Sorry to dig up an old post, but if I go purchase new bolts, non-torque to yield, what would be the torque specs?