Intake manifold flap motor defect

Has anyone of you had the small motors dismantled?
I have found that one of them has a broken off condensator (please have a look at the foto).
I’m unsure of the mounting direction!!
I can solder it back in, but direction??

07L 129 086 C … thats the one!!

Found out myself… multimeter on Ohms and test from negative pin in connector (pin towards the rounding edge of connector… pin #3) to the 2 solder points.
The capacitor has negative where the fat black line is.
Soldering was easy so now I will try it in the car to see if I was right :pray: :sweat_smile:

It was right… drove to Family in Germany today (500km) and everything worked perfect :muscle: :grin:

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Nice job actually repairing rather than replacing. Bravo.

Congrats man… Always a great feeling when you fix it yourself it works and you saved money

Bravo!! Awesome man. I solder also, this is a no brainer for me and will pass the word along!