Intake manifold off...valley of motor with fuel...2009 D3 S8

I am in the process of installing my IMS, my heater bypass and my lightweight pulley. I took my intake manifold off and there is fuel in the valley between the two heads. Do I have a (or a few) bad O-ring(s) on my injectors?

I would say chances are you don’t have any leaks. Its just from the fuel run off when you disconnected the fuel lines.

Since fuel evaporates so fast its unlikely its from anywhere else. Also you would have always smelt the fuel if it was a constant leak. Now keep in mind that should be what would make the most sense. Also keep in mind that the fuel injectors are under such high pressure there would be a loss of compression if the fuel is leaking past the seals and into the valley.

If you still are or have a worry. See if you can take a few pictures.

Thank you, makes sense.
I have to learn how to post pics.