Is it just me or are the new Audi's boring?

I have grown up with the R8 gated manual, the V8 S4, I have a V8 rs5 and then there is the v10 r8. All amazing pieces of engineering. The new Audi’s are all more efficient turbo hot rockets than the past. Heck the new A4 is almost as fast as my '15 RS5 V8…but everything just seems so… boring?? No noise, no character, no excitement. Sure you get great mpg, great speed, and lots of new tech goodies but…something is just missing to me?

I test drove the RS3 and ttrs, such cool little cars and I love the inline five modding potential…but even that, after twenty minutes it’s just kind of a meh experience. Turbo lag, no crazy bark, kind of unpredictable driving behavior. Even the rs6 avant, likely my next car, an amazing overall car but the turbo mutes the car and I feel it has no balls even though being lightning fast.

Maybe it’s just me but this new turbo era of super fast cars…just doesn’t do it for me. Am I alone?

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I agree. 15 years ago was the best modern audi period IMO. Every model had a wide range of engines to choose from, with my personal favourite being the C6 RS6 - the only “mass” production car with a BiTurbo V10 ever, beating current C8 with modding potential by an enormous margin. Now it is kinda boring. Honestly only model that i would really want is the RS3 just for the glorious Inline 5 engine.
Regarding the lag, it is software issue. You can get rid of turbo and gearbox lag with a tune.
I currently sit with C6 S6 and honestly the only car I look up to in the future is the C6 RS6, and maybe S or RS from C7 generation, but more for daily driver than actual looks or hype.

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Agreed on all fronts. The only recent model year Audis that do it for me are the SQ7 (because I have kids) and the R8 (of course). We currently have a C6 S6, C7 A6, B6 S4, and 4M Q7. Interesting times ahead as everyone is forced into EVs.

I agree that the golden age of Audi may be in the past, I own an C6 S6 and Mk 2 TT with the Vr6 and the design language of this era is IMO the classic almost art deco and an excellent combination of modern and beautiful shapes that never really get boring to look at.
And the sounds older cars make are simply the best!

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