Is this normal from cold start JHM Stage 2

I changed my spark plugs for NGK (92400) FR7BHX-S Ruthenium HX Spark Plugs and i also had a faulty cam sensor ( bank 2 exhaust ) so i brought 4 new ones and fitted them as well for good measure.
All is fine car runs ace and is really smooth on tick over but as i was checking misfire per 1000 revolutions on the VCDS from a cold start i have been getting 1 misfire showing then it goes back to 0 it is also not on just one cylinder, yesterday it showed on cylinders 4 and 5 today it was on 8 and 4 so they are random ? It does not stay on 1 for long before going back to 0 then once the car has warmed up a bit they all stay on 0 even when driving the car at a steady pace or driving hard ! There are also no fault codes and the car runs beautifully. So i just wanted to know is this normal to see or is there a problem and if so what could it be ? Thanks in advance guy’s :+1:

Cold start in about any trim from stock to mild to wild you can expect to see some missfires before the motor is up to working temp. The combustion chamber and overall motor temp isn’t at its optimal point.

Some cars will obviously miss fire less or not at all. But this is going to be due to fuel component conditions. Temp conditions and other factors.

The colder it is out the more likely there will be more missfires. Have your SAI system trigger you can almost guarantee your going to see even more.

Given what you listed. That sounds about normal.

That’s good news then, i often look at misfire per 1000 revolutions and fuel trim to check that coils and injectors are all working correctly but never from a cold start so was not to sure if this was ok or not.

I did think that temps in the chamber and over all motor temps plus the SAI might be the reason for this but i was not to sure, so thank you @justincredible for letting me know all is quite normal i appreciate it and I’m relieved too. Top man :+1::blush:

The ECU is also firing the injectors out of phase so it can heat the cats up quickly. But as Justin said, completely normal.

Thats good to know thank you @Ape_Factory😁