Is this repairable?

So I bought a BPY longblock on ebay for $350 thinking I could fix it and flip it for a profit. Description said that there were some bent valves from a snapped timing belt. No biggy, I thought. Especially since I have all the stock valves from when I built the head for my car. I picked it up today and brought it home.

So I pulled off the intake manifold and looked at both intake and exhaust valves. None of them were visibly bent. I tried to turn the exhaust cam by hand to see if I could feel any binding. Wouldn’t budge, so I put a wrench on the bolt to get some leverage. Still nothing. Pulled the timing cover to check the timing chain and tensioner. They were fine. So I decide to pull the cam girdle and this is what I find:

Exhaust cam was seized, presumably due to oil starvation. Intake cam doesn’t like like it was wiped, but is far from perfect. So my question to you guys is can this be fixed, or is the head junk? I’ve sent an email to the local machine shop to see if they can align bore it to accept replaceable bearings, but I don’t know if this is a thing or not. Any suggestions?

I’ve also emailed the seller to let him know that his description was severely inaccurate and I’m waiting to hear back.