Is this the gasket for the cam solenoids?


My mechanic reported the INTAKE cam solenoid was leaking oil. I’m trying to see if there is an o-ring that I can order, but I can’t find that solenoid on any diagrams. The best I could find is #5 and #30 on this diagram, which I believe is the Exhaust cam solenoid.

#5 control valve 06E109257J (out of production), superceded by 06E109257AA(?)
#30 o-ring WHT002789


  1. are the 4 intake/exhaust cam solenoids all interchangeable?
  2. is that the correct o-ring?

I’ve just replaced it with an ordinary O-ring that fitted.
Wasn’t leaking, but I changed the valves cover gasket so I was in there anyway.

The Car Wizard changes one of his O-rings in this vid:

Yes, all of those valves are the same and that is the correct p/n for the o-ring.

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