I've been MIA- B8.5 S4 gone, MK7 GTI here.. 1/4 mile passes inside.

Hey guys- been MIA I know. Been crazy with work and my business and have had 0 time to post.

Sold the B8.5 S4 about a month ago and leased a new MK7 GTI DSG as the daily. Needed to save some money and fell in love with the little GTI.

2015 Carbon Steel Gray 2DR, DSG. Lightest way possible, manual seats, no sunroof etc…

Car weighed 3215 with me in it. Full interior minus the spare and tool kit with 1/2 tank of gas.

DA was around +100 all day. 55 degrees.

Got 8 runs in I believe. I’ll post all the slips when I get home.

Car has 500 miles on it.

12.59 was best ET.
113.75 was best trap.
2.19 was best 60’.

Stock DSG software is really holding back the car- tons of torque limitations.

Car is currently GIAC Stage 2, VWR Full Turboback Exhaust, CTS Intake, CTS BOV and 245 Hoosiers up front.

I have CTS Front Mount, CTS crank pulley and BFI Engine/Trans Mounts as well as a dog bone mount all awaiting install. I think with all that and plus DSG flash I’ll be in the 11.8-11.9 range. Car was on MS109 and GIAC 100 file.