Jhm Cat delete tune

I haven’t gotten a clear answer from jhm on if they already have this file made or still needing to make it. Does anyone have this already done or does anyone know if that file exists already? I should be getting the car back this weekend. Replaced rack and pinion, car delete, serpentine belt had chunks missing as well as finding out the passenger motor mount was toast. Only being held together by the strap that runs across it.

JHM has several cars tuned with no cats so they have a tune and have had one for years. No cats… No SAI… Flap removal… They have a tune for all of them.

I know they are moving over to a new server system for the S6 and S8 so you can flash both computers off the same system. So there might be a bit of a delay with getting that sorted out for each car.

As for no clear answer. Now a days you can’t really advertise you will help anyone with no cats as its a big issue with the tree huggers. So while most companies don’t even know how to properly help if your cats get destroyed the ones that do need to be careful about what they say. Also there are like 30 different ECU versions for the S6 and S8. So it would be hard to say if they have a file listed for your ECU version unless they knew your ECU version.

That’s understandable. And I knew about the firmware update and that it would be a little bit before I would access it. Thanks for the response.