JHM Fast Intentions R8 V10 Exhaust Teaser


Take a quick listen on Instagram!

Full Video will be on Youtube soon!

Sounds wild! Good to see JHM in the V10 game. Different engine but how about the S6 V10?

Wow! that sounds amazing! Good work Gents (as usual)

Sounds good but we need the full video!

Awesome. Can’t wait to see what else you all release for the car (if any)! Such a cool platform.

Anything coming for V8 R8?

need stock vs. JHM to tell

all V10 R8s sound awesome

We are currently working some software on an R8 V10 here in the shop. once we complete the software we will release a tuning/exhaust video on youtube.

In person the system we installed (FI) sounds SOOOOO good. Its very exotic.

So FI is aftermarket did you do joint venture on design or are they independent and just good? I’ve always done custom exhausts but I imagine this is a great result as well :slight_smile:

We have been working with FI for almost a decade now on different exhaust systems. They are an aftermarket exhaust company who does amazing results!