JHM lightweight flywheel bolts

Does anyone know where to purchase bolts for the JHM lightweight flywheel? They don’t list them separately so I’m sure they won’t sell them. I’d rather not reach out to them if I can find them else where.

From my own personal experience, and for whatever it’s worth, I think that JHM will sell you whatever bits and pieces you ask for.

For me, they have sourced out individual bits and pieces, including parts that they have never been asked for unless it’s been part of a kit. I have made more than one order for stuff that is not listed on their website.

So even if they don’t list those bolts separately, I am still 99% sure that they will sell them to you.

Wish I could suggest where else to find them, because then you might save on shipping, but hey at least you know now that you can get them from JHM.

IF this was something like a random bolt for the intake manifold or a non hi stress part. I would just say go to your local hardware. But since this is for the 20some lb flywheel that’s spinning at over 7000rpm… I would suggest finding out what bolts they use for just the safety factor.

So I was under the impression that the bolts were different then OEM on the lwfw from a previous post I had come across. After I removed the flywheel they appear to be exactly the same as OEM. So this post is no longer needed.

And as far as bits and pieces from JHM, I tried buying center diff washers off of them with no luck. Lol