JHM lightweight flywheel

Hey fellas, I was curious to know if anyone knows if the Lightweight flywheel was JHM stage 2 specific, seeing as the bulk of the R&D was done on their Stage 2 ECU and TCU tune? My assumption is no, but I know of instances in the past where changing flywheels and going from dual mass to single mass has led to the car stalling out. Not specifically speaking about the RS5 though. Anyone have any ideas? Guess I could just reach out to Jake lol :man_shrugging:

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Ask jake and let us know but from a mechanical stand point. It would be interesting to know. The lighter flywheel I don’t see any issues with the car stalling as its a pretty advanced computer in the car and most of what JHM makes component wise they generally build it with the intention of being able to use it on a stock car.

These were my thoughts exactly.

Following, interested to know, I don’t plan on having the JHM tune done to my car either, and even if I do I still have a 3 hr drive to make to get it tuned with the flywheel on.

With the JHM tune. You can flash in the comfort of your own home. So you wouldn’t have to drive 3 hours.

I can’t do it in my own home I’d have to take it to a shop that can flash and the closest one is 3 hours away.

I do know that Jake said he may have to adjust the rpm file in the ECU on some of the stage 2 tune’s due to it needing a few extra rpm as there JHM RS5 car hit the rev limiter when on full throttle due to the light weight flywheel making the engine rev up quicker and harder !! Ive spoken to him about this and he will adjust that file very slightly to compensate for it ! Hope that helps guys

Yeah, I spoke to him about your post on the other site regarding tickling the rev limiter. I never even thought to ask him about my stalling concern. Looks like I’ll need to contact Jake about this, might as well throw in a question about headers too!

Excited to hear everyone’s feedback who purchased.

I’m usually the first to grab any of the JHM goodies, but I was concerned about losing some refinement for daily driving and chatter for low RPM driving.

I believe they hit low 11.7’s almost into 11.6’s with the flywheel. Impressive. Patiently waiting for their headers!

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Spoke to Jake, essentially he confirmed that mechanically there should be no issues. He did mention that on stock mapping there won’t be significant gains, it’s really only noticeable once the car makes more power. So while not specifically stage 2 centric, it will only truthfully be noticeable then.